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We Protect a Property's Title

A title must be unencumbered before it can be transferred to another owner. Sometimes a title is completely free and clear and that makes for an easy transfer.  Other times, however, a title has liens, ownership disputes, unpaid taxes, or other factors that have affected it throughout its life.

To clear a title for transfer, Preferred Title of Colorado searches public records and other databases to discover these issues and uses our discoveries to clear mistakes, isolate risk, and perform other forms of reparation.  This work is difficult, time-consuming, and tedious because title information isn’t always filed correctly.

One in three searches turns up potential issues that could affect the transfer of the property’s ownership. Once we identify these potential problems, we work to either remedy the problem or provide insurance against the identified risk. Most of our customers never know the steps our professionals took to protect the process of transferring a title. They simply proceed with their closing knowing that they have a clear title.

Our professional team executes these critically important examinations to satisfy the determinations that a title is free and clear. Additionally, Preferred Title of Colorado insures a title once we have conducted the examination to eliminate future risk and loss for the title's owner.

Our customers can be assured that, once the title search and exam is complete, the process of transfer can safely move forward and the title can be insured.

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