What is a closing?

At the closing, the property's ownership is formally and legally transferred from the seller to the buyer and the buyer is able to occupy the property at the conclusion of the meeting. Agents and lenders work with Preferred Title of Colorado to complete their professional responsibilities and combine their efforts for a complete and secure transaction. Sellers and buyers are often instructed to bring lender-required documents, photo identification, and items required for the occupation of the property.

Closing meetings usually involve the review and completion of paperwork, a briefing on your title insurance policy, the collection and disbursement of escrow funds, and the exchange of keys. Property buyers should expect to spend at least an hour reviewing and signing documents. 

Closings conducted by Preferred Title of Colorado are done with a commitment to accuracy, timeliness, and the comfort and satisfaction of our customers. Our locally-owned business is proud of the work we do with the people of Southern Colorado.

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