Escrow Management

Holding and Dispersing Funds

Establishing a proper escrow account for a real estate transaction benefits everyone involved as there is usually money to be collected, managed, and dispersed. Having an account protects the buyer's deposit, sets aside property taxes, and guarantees that the funds needed for closing are safe and available. The escrow account ensures that financial misunderstandings do not occur to derail the closing process. Title companies are usually tasked with the management of these funds because they are a third party and can therefore hold and disperse funds with neutrality.

When Preferred Title of Colorado manages a closing, we provide the escrow and settlement services during the conveyance and mortgage encumbrance transactions. Managing escrow funds is a critical piece in any closing and we take our customers' trust seriously.

At the end of a closing transaction, everyone involved should leave happy and financially satisfied. 

Escrow management and settlement includes:

  • The deposit and disbursement of funds
  • The coordination of the flow of funds and documents
  • The communication with all involved parties regarding financial obligations
  • The responses to lender’s requirements
  • The coordination of loan and closing document signatures
  • The proration and adjustment of insurance, taxes, rents, etc.
  • The deed and loan document recordings
  • The preparation of final statements that outline funds received and disbursement
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