Residential Closing

We Are Your Home-Buying and Selling Partner

Preferred Title of Colorado is ready to make the dream of homeownership come true by offering our professional services for residential closings. We understand that the sale or purchase of a new home or property can be stressful, so it is our professional honor to offer the finest services under the friendliest circumstances.   Most people are not familiar with the hundreds of details that accompany the transfer of a property’s ownership. The closing process for traditional home and property sales is well-regulated by state and federal laws. Most residential closings use standardized sales contracts and documents, but each closing... Read The Rest

Commercial Closing

A Trusted Partner for Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Unlike residential closings that are fairly standardized, commercial closings are highly complex and involve a deep and thorough understanding for every party involved.  The hundreds of details that combine for a commercial closing create a legal, financial, and business process that should only be handled by experienced professionals. Many commercial closings involve buyers, sellers, attorneys, corporate members, board members, assigned signors, real estate agents, and other interested parties. Sometimes, these parties involved have competing interests that must be understood and solved.   Commercial closings require the same vigorous title search and examination, but they must also address county and municipal... Read The Rest

Loan Refinance Closing

Let Us Help With Your Loan's Refinance

Many people avoid refinancing their existing loans because the process seems difficult and time-consuming. Often, they remain in mortgages that no longer benefit them or their financial health. Refinancing an existing loan does not have to be confounding. With the professional assistance of Preferred Title of Colorado, our customers can experience a stress-free loan closing with the assurance that the property’s title is clear, the funds are dispersed, and everyone is satisfied. In the first step of a loan refinance, we conduct a thorough search of the property’s title to guarantee that it is free, clear, and unencumbered. In this... Read The Rest

Title Examination

We Protect a Property's Title

A title must be unencumbered before it can be transferred to another owner. Sometimes a title is completely free and clear and that makes for an easy transfer.  Other times, however, a title has liens, ownership disputes, unpaid taxes, or other factors that have affected it throughout its life. To clear a title for transfer, Preferred Title of Colorado searches public records and other databases to discover these issues and uses our discoveries to clear mistakes, isolate risk, and perform other forms of reparation.  This work is difficult, time-consuming, and tedious because title information isn’t always filed correctly. One in... Read The Rest

Escrow Management

Holding and Dispersing Funds

Establishing a proper escrow account for a real estate transaction benefits everyone involved as there is usually money to be collected, managed, and dispersed. Having an account protects the buyer's deposit, sets aside property taxes, and guarantees that the funds needed for closing are safe and available. The escrow account ensures that financial misunderstandings do not occur to derail the closing process. Title companies are usually tasked with the management of these funds because they are a third party and can therefore hold and disperse funds with neutrality. When Preferred Title of Colorado manages a closing, we provide the escrow... Read The Rest

Preferred Title of Colorado

Let us be your next closing partner.