Commercial Closing

A Trusted Partner for Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Unlike residential closings that are fairly standardized, commercial closings are highly complex and involve a deep and thorough understanding for every party involved. 

The hundreds of details that combine for a commercial closing create a legal, financial, and business process that should only be handled by experienced professionals. Many commercial closings involve buyers, sellers, attorneys, corporate members, board members, assigned signors, real estate agents, and other interested parties. Sometimes, these parties involved have competing interests that must be understood and solved.  

Commercial closings require the same vigorous title search and examination, but they must also address county and municipal restrictions, zoning requirements, environmental assessments, land-use restrictions, and contract provisions.  
Preferred Title of Colorado understands the requirements that accompany commercial closings and we stand ready to help our commercial customers in their closing transactions. We are pleased to provide a closing process that benefits all parties and that helps everyone feel comfortable and satisfied.  

Business property transactions can be contentious but do not have to be. Preferred Title of Colorado is committed to providing a closing process that is accurate, thorough, and free of surprises.  

Not every title company can handle the complexities that accompany commercial real estate closings, but Preferred Title of Colorado stands ready to serve our commercial customers. Let us close your next commercial transaction.

We work to take the stress out of commercial closings.

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