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Residential Closing

Residential Closings with Preferred Title of ColoradoPreferred Title of Colorado is ready to make the dream of homeownership come true by offering our professional services for residential closings. We understand that the sale or purchase of a new home or property can be stressful, so it is our professional honor to offer the finest services under the friendliest circumstances.

After all, closing on your home is the final, and possibly the most important step, in the entire process of home purchasing.

Most people are not familiar with the hundreds of details that accompany the transfer of a property’s ownership. The closing process for traditional home and property sales is well-regulated by state and federal laws. Most residential closings use standardized sales contracts and documents, but each closing is unique.

Preferred Title of Colorado is the expert in providing accurate and thorough information to our customers to prevent delays, surprises, and expensive mistakes.

Our Residential Closing Services

With Preferred Title of Colorado, we handle all of the closing steps from start to finish. Usually, a residential home or property sale or purchase involves a buyer, seller, lender, and title company. Our title and escrow experts will:

  • Order payoffs of mortgages and liens
  • Conduct a title search and examination
  • Prepare all closing and escrow related documents
  • Collect all taxes and assessments in accordance with federal and state laws
  • Get releases to any prior liens
  • Hold your money in an escrow account
  • Dispense all funds when transactions are finalized

We take our responsibility for being thorough, accurate, and timely seriously and are committed to providing a closing experience that leaves our customers fully satisfied.

Leaving No Title Or Escrow Question Unanswered

We know signing a giant stack of papers can be a lot to take in. What does everything mean? What exactly are you signing? Preferred Title of Colorado is more than happy to explain any document or answer any question you might have about all of the paper work. 

Did you come up with some questions after the papers have all been signed? That's not a problem. After your closing is complete and we will still be happy to help you stay informed on all of the documents for the purchase of your home.

Don't buy or your next home or property without the committed professionals at Preferred Title of Colorado. We are proud of the trust our customers have placed with us in their endeavors to sell or purchase new homes and properties. 

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