What is a title examination?

Simply put, a title examination is the process of searching for any past issues that may have been attached to a property's title. These issues, called encumbrances, may make the property unsuitable for sale or may simply impact the property's ownership. 

Encumbrances include unpaid tax liens or restrictions, past disputes in ownership, or involvement in a lawsuit. A title must be free of all encumbrances to qualify for a transfer of ownership.

The title examination process is one of the most important steps in conducting a closing to transfer ownership of a property. When we are involved in a real estate ownership transaction, Preferred Title of Colorado conducts a comprehensive examination of a title to guarantee that it qualities for an ownership transfer.

Sometimes, we find encumbrances but can often clear them up so the closing that proceeds smoothly. Our clients usually never know about the issues we discovered in the process of the examination.  We are happiest when we can do the work to clear a title before its issues are ever known.

You can trust Preferred Title of Colorado to conduct a thorough examination of a property's title, so that, when the time for closing arrives, the title can be successfully transferred.

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